Effective tactics to recruit the right talent in the aviation industry

Miami, April 7, 2022 – The skills shortage overwhelming aviation across America was one of the main topics discussed at the Americas International Ground Handling Conference. Larry Massaro, Senior Vice President of Aviation at EULEN America, was featured as a panelist to discuss the future of the aviation industry and the trends and challenges we face today.

The challenges facing the aviation industry in terms of recruitment and how to deal with them in order to succeed were discussed, as well as the need, more than ever, for attractive compensation and benefits to attract the right talent pool. talents, the right training, technology and having a group of people working together and committed to the same goals.

“It’s the key to recruiting and creating the right work environment to retain talented professionals who will build careers within your company,” Massaro said.

With over 35 years of aviation experience, Massaro has managed over 3,500 employees at 65 domestic and international airports.

“Now more than ever, it is critical that we pursue parallel paths with our airlines and aviation partners to attract and retain quality employees while continuing to develop technology solutions to drive efficiency, efficiency and the long-term viability of our business,” said Larry Massaro. .

As part of EULEN America’s renewed leadership, Massaro is responsible for contract negotiation and issue resolution to ensure that processes, systems, products, regulations and data are delivered seamlessly to all aviation customers. He is also in charge of day-to-day oversight of EULEN Aviation operations, strategic planning, leadership development and employee engagement.

Massaro participated in the conference alongside other industry professionals like David Barker, Managing Director of USA dnata, Mike Garland, Director of Airports and Corporate Purchasing of American Airlines, Nirmala Ramai, Director of Operations of Caribbean Airlines , Emir Pineda, Head of Passengers, Commerce and Logistics Development – Miami International Airport Marketing Division, and Mercy Correia, ALTA’s Industry Relations Manager.