Aviation industry transformation

The global air travel disruption of recent years has not deterred the aviation industry. With the world now in recovery mode, the industry has a positive outlook and huge opportunities to come back bigger and better than before.

The new normal has changed a lot, opening up new opportunities in areas like freight transportation, where demand has increased dramatically as global shopping trends have shifted towards e-commerce.

Players in the aviation industry have a lot of potential to benefit from new trends, but important conversations need to take place to adapt to the new situation:

  • What do we need to change to improve the planning and execution of our operations?
  • What can we do to attract new qualified talent into the aviation workforce?
  • How can we sustain and scale the workforce of the future to stay competitive?
  • How can we strike the perfect balance between efficient operations and meeting the needs of a new workforce? (e.g. shift requests, work-life balance, remote work)
  • How can artificial intelligence help achieve the most efficient operations?
  • Sustainability is a great opportunity to drive green and future-ready operations. How do we achieve such ambitious sustainable development goals?

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