SIA-NUS to launch digital aviation research center

The facility is valued at $ 45 million.

A research center focused on digital aviation research has been announced by Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The facility is intended to accelerate the digital transformation of the country’s aviation industry, as well as push for a redefinition of the air travel experience. As a joint project of SIA and NUS, the $ 45 million research center is currently located at Innovation 4.0 on the NUS Ken Ridge campus. It is the seventh of its kind to be established at the university and the 19th in Singapore.

At the launch, Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic Policy Coordination and Chairman of the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

“This corporate lab will strengthen our position at the forefront of digital innovation in the airline industry. This will lead to even more innovative solutions that can improve the customer experience and the travel journey, optimize revenue generation and increase operational efficiency. Our collaboration with NUS will also strengthen Singapore’s position as a global aviation hub with world-class research and cutting-edge technologies at the heart of our future, ”said Goh Choon Phong, CEO of SIA.

Heading the lab are Professor Teo Chung Plan, Executive Director, Institute for Operations Research and Analysis, NUS, and Chan Mun Chung, Senior Director, SIA Digital Innovation Lab.

The installation includes a cockpit simulator with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies and a cabin simulator. Research activities by NUS, pending. Include revenue management and dynamic pricing, skills transformation and skills development, employee well-being, passenger comfort, sleep and cabin service.

This is the result of an earlier partnership between NUS and SIA, with the airline launching its Digital Innovation Blueprint in 2018. Two MoUs between the two were also reached as a result of the deal.